Declarative and procedural approaches for modelling clinical guidelines: addressing flexibility issues

Nataliya Mulyar, Maja Pesic , Wil M.P. van der Aalst and Mor Peleg

Business Process Modeling Conference Workshop: 1st International Workshop on Process-oriented Information Systems in Healthcare, Brisbane, Australia. September 2007


Recent analysis of clinical Computer-Interpretable Guideline (CIG) modelling languages from the perspective of the control-ow patterns has revealed limited capabilities of these languages to provide exibility for encoding and executing clinical guidelines. The concept of exibility is of major importance in the medical-care domain since no guarantee can be given on predicting the state of patients at the point of care. In this paper, we illustrate how the flexibility of CIG modelling languages can be improved by describing clinical guidelines using a declarative approach. We propose a CIGDec language for modelling and enacting clinical guidelines.

Keywords: Clinical guidelines, Computer-interpretable guidelines, flexibility, modelling

languages, declarative model specification, temporal logic.