Mining Process Execution and Outcomes Position Paper

Mor Peleg1, Pnina Soffer1, Johny Ghattas

Business Process Modeling Conference Workshop: 1st International Workshop on Process-oriented Information Systems in Healthcare, Brisbane, Australia. September 2007


Organizational processes in general and patient-care processes in particular, change over time. This may be in response to situations unpredicted by a predefined business process model (or clinical guideline), or as a result of new knowledge which has not yet been incorporated into the model. Process mining techniques enable capturing process changes, evaluating the gaps between the predefined model and the practiced process, and modifying the model accordingly. This position paper motivates the extension of process mining in order to capture not only deviations from the process model, but also the outcomes associated with them (e.g., patient improving or deteriorating). These should be taken into account when modifications to the process are made.

Keywords: Process mining, business process modeling, Clinical guidelines