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A Semi-Automated Domain Modeling Approach

Method Overview

Domain models, which capture the common knowledge gained while developing applications in the domain as well as the possible variability allowed among them, may assist in the creation of other valid application models in that domain. However, the creation of such domain models that will be reliable, correct, and complete is not a trivial task. The Semi-Automated Domain Modeling (SDM) approach aims at creating draft models of domains from application models in those domains. It gets a repository of application models in a domain, matches elements according to linguistic, meta-informational, dependent, and relational similarity measurements, merges similar elements into similarity groups, and generalizes the different similarity groups into domain elements and models that include their common and different structural and behavioral aspects. The SDM-generated domain models are specified using a domain engineering approach, called Application-based DOmain Modeling (ADOM). The following figure visualizes the SDM approach and its stages:

SDM overview