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Retail & Logistics

Retail & Logistics

New technologies such as RFID and the Internet offer new chances for retail and logistic organizations. The downside to this is that it also increases competition within the market. Process management is a suitable method to integrate new technologies in the processes and to make operations more effective and efficient.

The complex interdependencies in processes present one of the major challenges in the retail/logistics sector. Especially, interfaces to suppliers, sub contractors and customers are in the center of interest. In this respect, collaborative process design is not only important within the organization but also for the cooperation across company boundaries. This shows: a professional tool for modeling business processes is indispensable for retail/logistic companies.

Only by employing a professional software, topics such as stock management, traceability, supervision of material flows, package tracking, cold chains as well as the development of new premium-rate services can be tackled stringently.

The Signavio Process Editor is the appropriate tool for retail/logistics:

  • Standardize processes (according to BPMN 2.0 standard) and make them transparent
  • Modeling according to BPMN 2.0 standard
  • Make process descriptions accessible to all employees in a process portal
  • Prepare IT-implementations (ERP) and define requirements
  • Enable certification and audits
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