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Public Sector

Public Sector

Public administrations face the challenge to offer even better services to citizens, although the budget is continuously decreasing. Therefore, it is essential to make administrative processes effective and efficient, while aligning them strongly with the requirements of the recipients.

Numerous initiatives such as the standard telephone number 115 for public authorities in Germany and the eCH-standards in Switzerland are important drivers for business process management in the public sector. Also, implementing E-Government initiatives results in a stronger focus on processes.

Especially complex processes in public administrations request the implementation of a professional tool. Hereby, the collaboration between different participants in the organization is in the center of interest. But also the smooth connection to comprehensive platforms such as the National Process Library (NPB) in Germany gains importance.

The Signavio Process Editor is the appropriate tool for the public sector:

  • Standardize processes (accor. BPMN 2.0-Standard) and make them transparent
  • Make process descriptions accessible to all employees in a process portal
  • Prepare IT-implementation and E-Government projects
  • Intuitive realization of eCH-standards based on databases
  • Enable ISO-certification
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