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Business Decision Management

Business Decision Management
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Historically, organizations have invested in rules based technologies that required programmer level skills to define and implement. As such, the definition and implementation of business rules have been costly and slow to adapt to changing business or regulatory needs.

Signavio’s new Decision Manager gives business users the power to actively take part in Business Decision Management and puts them in the driving seat regarding operational decisions.
Business Decision Management is far more than just rules and analytics. It is the foundation for successful compliance management and helps organizations focus on high impact decisions. The Signavio Decision Manager empowers your organization to reduce risks and optimize business operations in the long-term. Start optimizing your business decisions now and register for a free 30 day trial!

Further information about the Signavio Decision Manager and its features can be found here.

Business Decision Management helps you to:

  • manage and optimize business decisions
  • ensure compliance in your organization
  • reduce organizational risks
  • optimize your business operations
  • manage business decisions
It is the decisions that make or break a company.Tom Debevoise, Chief Evangelist Business Decision Management at Signavio
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