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Changes in Version 9.0 (SaaS)

We are announcing the immediate availability of the Signavio Decision Manager. The Signavio Decision Manager allows the installation of business decision management in your organisation. The combination of business decision management and business process analysis on one platform offers unique possibilities. The Signavio Process Editor and the Signavio Decision Manager can be purchased separately or as a combined solution. more

Changes in Version 8.6.0 (SaaS & On-Premise)

New & improved Features

  • SAP Solution Manager Integration: It is no longer necessary to belong to the administrators group for synchronization. It can now be selected for each user group whether members can execute the synchronization.
  • The search results in the new Collaboration Portal now include diagrams, files, folders, dictionary entries and dictionary categories.
  • In the Signavio Explorer, any person can now be invited by email to view published diagrams in the Collaboration Portal. In the SaaS Edition, the … more

Changes in Version 8.5.1 (SaaS)

New & improved Features

  • The Swiss eCH Standards are now supported in the current version 1.1. They are available as a modeling convention.
  • Standardization of dictionary categories: For each category, it can now be specified to which of the following classifications, the entries within the category belong: organization, document, activity, event, IT-system, result, request or comment.
  • SAP Solution Manager events in the activity feed: With the use of the Signavio integration for the SAP Solution Manager, import and export … more

Changes in Version 8.5.0 (SaaS)

New & improved Features

  • More paper formats available in the PDF Export: There are now eleven paper formats to choose from in PDF export, especially large formats for printing in size DIN A1 or DIN A0. In addition, you can now choose whether small diagrams should fill the whole page.
  • Workspace name: A workspace can now explicitly be given a name. Previously, the name was derived from the name of the workspace owner and the owner’s organization. Above all, … more

Changes in Version 8.4.1 (SaaS)

New & improved Features

  • The Signavio Process Editor is now also available in Chinese (simplified/traditional), Japanese and Korean.
  • Improvements to the new BPM collaboration portal: The diagram view in the new portal now offers two different views of the diagrams. On the one side the original view and on the other side a compact view that hides IT systems, documents as well as text notes. Additionally, the title of the browser tab now shows the name of the currently … more

Changes in Version 8.4.0 (SaaS)

New & improved Features

  • Decision Modeling Notation: With the Decision Modeling Notation (DMN), business decisions can be modeled directly into your business processes. This notation is completely supported by the Signavio Process Editor, offering you the right tool support for your corporate Business Decision Management. You can enable DMN in the notations configuration dialog.
  • The list view in the Signavio Explorer now offers the column “published revision”.
  • The advanced search in the Signavio Explorer now supports searching for dictionary … more

Changes in Version 8.3.1 (SaaS)

New & Improved Features

  • SAP® Solution Manager Connector: Use SAP®’s reference process content to kick start your project. Modify the process content using QuickModel and the intuitive graphical BPMN 2.0 editor. Get everyone involved in process design and synchronize your process repository with Solution Manager. The Solution Manager Connector is an additional module.
  • New Connector for Microsoft® Sharepoint 365: Integrate the BPM Collaboration Portal in Microsoft® Sharepoint 365 with the new Connector for Sharepoint 365. It utilizes new features … more

Changes in Version 8.3.0 (SaaS and On-Premise)

Please note: customers of the Signavio On-Premise Edition will be notified by email as soon as the download of the new version is available.

New & Improved Features

  • Advanced search and smart folders: When searching for diagrams and uploaded documents it is now possible to search for specific attribute values. For example, you can search for all diagrams with the process owner John Doe or containing an activity with risk level high. Furthermore, you can now search for content of … more