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Signavio Process Editor

Signavio Process Editor

Whether your goal is capturing ‘as-is’ documentation or designing optimal ‘to-be’ processes for your enterprise, Signavio’s Process Editor is the number one choice for process modeling.

Thanks to Signavio’s innovative technology, you can start modeling and engaging your organization in improving operational efficiency through the development of optimal models, right away. By using the Signavio modeler, all user’s benefit from features developed to support professional process design, including: adherence to BPMN 2.0 standard, XML roundtrip for process execution with Activiti or jBPM, communication of processes and related documentation through the process portal, detailed reporting- including process cost calculation and resource requirements. Our process validation module insures that all models are developed according to the standards you define, no matter who creates the model. For modeling experts, the tool provides the ability to test and compare models for optimizing workflow design. Signavio’s simulation package provides an efficient way to test various models before making the implementation decision. For managers with operating responsibility, Signavio’s QuickModel functionality (also available on the iPad®) makes it easy for any process participant to capture, document and share professional models without spending a lot of time. Those same models can then be shared with the BPM experts, who can further define the model in IT system terms or integrate the models to capture a full view of the organization’s processes. Register now for your 30 day free evaluation account and try it yourself!

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Feature Overview

Professional Edition * Corporate Edition Ultimate Edition
Price per user / month (SaaS) request a quote request a quote request a quote
Price per user (On-Premise) request a quote request a quote
Professional process modeling yes yes yes
Enterprise Architecture Management yes yes yes
Central process repository yes yes yes
Process reports yes yes yes
QuickModel functionality yes yes yes
Internal Control System (ICS) no yes yes
Modeling guidelines no yes yes
Step-by-step simulation of processes no yes yes
Configurable process documentation no yes yes
Process cost analysis no yes yes
Multi-language modeling no yes yes
Document upload no yes yes
Access rights management & security settings no yes yes
Attribute visualization no no yes
Customized modeling conventions no no yes
Full process simulation no no yes
Approval workflows for process diagrams no no yes
* Limited to 3 modeling users.

Features in detail

Collaboration Portal

Screenshot Collaboration Portal

Efficient workflow is based on transparency. Only when processes are coherent and available to all stakeholders can they function smoothly. In the BPM Collaboration Portal of the Signavio Process Editor, every employee can view processes that have been shared.
Responsibilities, process hierarchies, process steps and more can be viewed at a glance.

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SAP® Solution Manager

Side by side sample of Signavio Process Editor and SAP® Solution Manager integration

The SAP® Solution Manager is the central tool for implementation and the operation of SAP® applications. Use the innovative interface between Signavio and the SAP® Solution Manager and involve your colleagues in all phases of your projects.

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Simulation & Reports

Screenshot Simulation & Reports - Signavio Process Editor

To increase efficiency of procedures, it is important to analyze processes. Cost-intensive activities must be identified and cycle times have to be tested. The Signavio Process Editor provides ideal conditions for this.

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BPMN 2.0

BPMN 2.0 Diagram within Signavio Process Editor

Signavio users benefit from, amongst other things, simple modeling using Drag & Drop, and the automatic positioning assistance for modeling elements. With Signavio’s comprehensive modeling solution, you can also model processes multilingually, maintain process attributes and link processes hierarchically. All process models are saved in a central process repository.

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Screenshot Signavio QuickModel

With QuickModel, process documentation becomes easy! Thanks to the spreadsheet-like working platform, all process participants can be involved in process design — even without previous experience. Simply fill out the table with start- and end-events, incoming and exporting documents, assign the different roles and define your process steps. Simultaneously, the tool generates a process model for you with BPMN 2.0 standard. QuickModel-users can thus easily create process models and contribute to a process oriented organisation without requiring extra effort for training.

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Modeling Conventions

Check diagrams automatically to match modeling convetions

Just as everyone has their own style of writing, every modeler has their own modeling style. Even in the modeling standard BPMN 2.0, there are numerous possibilities for the documentation of a single process. Modeling conventions help to guarantee a uniform and standardized way of modeling processes throughout an entire company or organization.

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Approval Workflow

Screenshot Approval Workflow - Signavio Process Editor

Manage approvals individually! The Signavio Process Editor not only allows you to manage your processes individually but also your approvals. Based on the web-based workflow engine, Effektif, Signavio supports a multi-level approval workflow.

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