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Signavio Decision Manager

Signavio Decision Manager

The cumulative effect of operational decisions has a high impact on the business outcome. That’s why organizations should start optimizing their business decisions now.

As a web-based integrated solution combining Business Process Analysis and Decision Management, the Signavio Decision Manager empowers your organization to take your decision management to the next level, create transparent decision logic and make smarter decisions.

With the Signavio Decision Manager, you can treat your decisions as first class citizens and have full control of your end-to-end decision management.
Whether you want to create DMN requirements diagrams (DRD), decision tables or simulate your business decisions, the Signavio Decision Manager is the ideal environment for companywide Business Decision Management.
Start your Business Decision Management initiative today and increase compliance, reduce risk and improve your organization’s operations. Read more about the different features of the Signavio Decision Manager below and register now for your free thirty day trial at

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Feature Overview

Professional Edition * Corporate Edition Ultimate Edition
Price per user / month (SaaS) request a quote request a quote request a quote
Price per user (On-Premise) request a quote request a quote
Professional decision modeling yes yes yes
Central diagram repository yes yes yes
Central data modeling yes yes yes
Simple process modeling yes yes yes
Drools-export for decisions yes yes yes
Verification of decisions no yes yes
Multi language support no yes yes
Document storage no yes yes
Access rights management and security settings no yes yes
Test case generation no no yes
Configurable modeling conventions no no yes
Approval workflows for diagrams ** no no yes
Definition external data types *** no no yes
* Limited to 3 modeling users. ** On-premise customers receive the feature upon request. *** Avaiable in on-premise edition only.

Features in detail

DMN Requirements Diagrams (DRD)

DMN Requirements Diagrams (DRD) Screenshot

Make smarter decisions and reduce risks by analyzing business decisions in DMN requirements diagrams (DRD) with the Signavio Decision Manager. DRD are comprised of a set of DMN elements, and their connection rules. Diagrams can be connected to business process models, enabling processes and decisions to be managed in one platform. As with every diagram in Signavio, collaboration is facilitated through sharing of DRD for editing or comments and via publication in the collaboration portal.

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Decision Tables

DMN Decision Tables

The Signavio Decision Manager provides a robust decision table capability, enabling users to combine processes and decisions in one integrated platform. Decision tables are vital for Business Decision Management as they contain the information, which underpins each decision. By defining the variables required for your decision in the decision table, the decision-making process is considerably simplified. Your organization also benefits from automatic checks for overlaps, gaps and inconsistencies in the table rules.

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User and Access Rights Management

Screenshot User and Access Rights Management in Signavio Decision Manager

Signavio continues to focus on collaboration, as decisions involve many different stakeholders from business and IT and often require different levels of authority. Some decisions may require authorization from higher executive levels and it is vital that these different decisions are fully supported in decision models. The Signavio Decision Manager enables the combination of high level decisions with operational details by utilizing both user and group privileges.

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Screenshot Verfication

In most decisions, a variety of different input values and conditions play a major role in the decision-making. With the Signavio Decision Manager, these conditions can be clearly represented and easily understood in a decision table, which can be made available to colleagues. Thanks to the automatic verification of your decision tables in the Signavio Decision Manager, you can also ensure that your decision tables are consistent.

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REST API (APIs & AddOns)

Infographic SharePoint® APIs

Thanks to sophisticated APIs and add-ons, Signavio Decision Manager data can easily be integrated into 3rd party applications. Embed the web-based tool into a variety of other rules engines and workflow engines and benefit from seamless integration. With the REST-API, the entire Signavio repository, including all attributes and objects, can be conveniently accessed. Applications can authenticate a user against the user or group privileges and changes can be made to models or DMN requirements diagrams from a 3rd party system.

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