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BPM for startups

BPM for startups
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At first, startups typically have other concerns than defined processes. How to find the right product-market-fit? Does the business model work? Do I have enough funding? But soon processes move into the focus. Efficient processes will enable your enterprise to scale.

Make processes scalable early enough:

Many startups are thinking about their processes too late. In this case, new staff members are not introduced effectively, resulting in increased costs and client complaints. With around 15 employees in your company, you should start thinking about how to build a scalable organizational structure. The Signavio Process Editor is the perfect tool and it is the first choice for collaborative process design in startups today. It is available as Software as a Service and is running as a Cloud Service via the internet.
Enterprises, listed at CrunchBaseGründerszene or Deutsche Startups and with up to 30 employees, can take advantage of the startup package. This includes 3 corporate modeling licenses and a 30-user BPM Collaboration Portal for a special price.

More than 400 enterprises are already using the Signavio Process Editor, so now is your opportunity to get your business processes established and scale your startup efficiently!

With the Signavio Process Editor you are able to:

  • Define and communicate efficient processes
  • Optimize processes continuously
  • Instruct and inform staff members quickly
  • Build process diagrams collaboratively