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Browser compatibility

Browser compatibility
Signavio Process Editor on a screen

Signavio is focused on delivering state-of-the-art, web-based Business Process Management technology. Professional process modeling with the Signavio Process Editor works best when using up to date browsers.

All of the Signavio Process Editor features operate smoothly when using an updated browser. We recommend choosing one of the supported browsers listed below, as we test their compatibility regularly.

If your browser is not listed, no need to worry because there are many others which work equally well with our platform. Should you have any further concerns, feel free to contact us directly.

Compatibility matrix Collaboration Portal QuickModel Explorer Editor
Chrome 38 or newer yesyesyesyes
Firefox 31.2 or newer yesyesyesyes
Internet Explorer 11 yesyesyesyes
Internet Explorer 9 / 10 yesyesyesyes
Safari 7 or newer yesyesyesyes
Safari Mobile 7 (iOS 7) or newer yesyesyesyes

Your browser seems to be outdated and/or incompatible with supported browsers. Try to upgrade to a newer version.