Signavio GmbH

About us

Business process improvement is a team effort. Professional tools should not only address the few modeling experts, but rather everyone in the organization. Collaborative process design!

Business processes are exciting. However, they are invisible at first. Only the outcomes of the process, e.g. a product or a service, become tangible. Process models visualize which steps have to be taken in order to come to the desired outcome.

A process diagram is like a street map: You can trace all paths from start to finish with your fingers. It allows you to discuss the different sections and crossroads.

Where do we have misunderstandings? Where do we have to wait? Process models bring the dependencies to the surface and serve as discussion basis for all stakeholders involved. Signavio is the signpost that helps to find your way in your process landscape. This is also where our company comes from: “Segnavia” is Italian for signpost.

The knowledge about processes is spread over the many people involved. This makes process modeling become a challenge: The knowledge of all participants must be captured in order to get an overview.

This is exactly why we strive not only to serve the few modeling experts. We want to get as many participants as possible involved in process design. Collaborative process design!

The history behind Signavio

It all started with the question: why is it so easy to correct a spelling mistake on Wikipedia – but why is it so hard to edit process models? Why do I have to install a heavyweight and complicated modeling environment before I can add a process step to the diagram?

A modern modeling tool must be easy to access and therefore be web-based – all the way from modeling to publishing.

A tool architecture where only the process portal is offered through the web browser and where editing still requires a time-consuming software installation, is a discontinued model. Solutions that were modern in the 90ies are simply not appropriate for this age any longer.
Web-based technology allows to access a secure process modeling environment over the Internet from a cloud service. Of course, you can also install Signavio on your own servers – this will not make any difference to the end user.

We have developed a first prototype as part of a research project at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute in Potsdam, receiving world-wide attention under the name Oryx. We were so excited about the technical possibilities that we chose to develop a professional Business Process Analysis (BPA) tool and to found a company around that. We launched our first commercial version in May 2009 – and the company Signavio was born.

We are still working with lightning speed on the Signavio Process Editor. After having started with the Basic Edition, we launched the Professional Edition in late 2009. AOK, the biggest health insurance company in Germany, was our first big customer. Thanks to a plethora of innovations, for instance the “invite to comment” functionality, the tool soon became an integral part of many process improvement initiatives as well as for compliance & risk management and for the implementation of new IT systems.

From the start, our goal has been to deliver a ‘best of class’ collaborative BPM solution for enterprise use. We also recognized consulting services as a key enabler for many BPM projects and established a global network of Consulting Partners. Our Certified Partners assist customers with BPM modeling related topics such as establishing a CoE or process automation. These partners provide relevant industry and modeling experience, helping our customers insure a successful outcome.

To date, more than 400 customers from around the globe have deployed Signavio’s BPM solutions. Our customers, representing different market segments including automobile manufacturing, insurance, investment banking, and healthcare, all have one thing in common; After comparing the available BPM solutions, these world leading organizations selected Signavio’s Process Editor and deployed our software (SaaS or OnPremise) to help optimize their business operations.

With offices in Berlin, Sunnyvale and Singapore, Signavio now has close to 50 employees. Our team is continuously working to improve our BPM offering and to support our customers. We are always looking for ways to make functionality simpler – and at the same time, provide a comprehensive tool for seasoned experts. Our customer’s experience is always priority number one.