Need to streamline your workflow?

Process out of control? No problem: Bizagi can help.

Customer complaints up? Sales down? New legislation or new products to market? Globalized and regulated markets demand business agility, transparency and control. Addressing a burning issue at lightning speed needs innovation. We can help.

As enterprise applications can't cater for the needs of highly-differentiated business processes, BPM is emerging as a way forward. Bizagi offers the tools and methods to handle any process automation, supported by 25 years' experience in small and big BPM projects.

Bizagi projects range from resource optimization, reducing process time and costs, identifying bottlenecks, through to executing robust workflows. We deliver results fast and enable process improvement underpinned by flexibility and control.

START SMALL, THINK BIG, SCALE FAST was the underlying approach at adidas delivering business process automation across various departments including supply chain, marketing, finance, retail and eCommerce while reducing the time to market by two thirds when compared with the traditional in-house development.

Eduardo Gonzalez Collaboration & Workflow IT Manager, adidas Group

Why choose Bizagi for Process Automation?
  • Faster results
    Yes, you can tackle your challenge with in-house custom software development, but do you have time and money to maintain it? With Bizagi you can produce results in weeks rather than months without spending a penny. Our free process modeling and automation software come with pre-defined libraries of models, process apps and UI building blocks, to fast-track your BPM journey.
  • Extend your IT assets
    Bizagi BPMS doesn’t replace your systems but enhances what is already there. By applying ‘process glue’ across your business applications (such as ERP, BI, ECM, CRM…), Bizagi BPM software can quickly fix broken business processes, fill process gaps and deliver business process improvement.
  • Work alongside existing… BPMS
    Got a burning process outside the scope of your corporate BPMS but need help fast? Then do as BBVA did. Anida, created specifically to handle the disposal of toxic property assets, built an independent architecture to address key challenges at a rapid pace - Bizagi BPM software helped Anida deploy 12 processes in just 19 weeks5 less than expected.
  • First process in 7 weeks
    Having created a detailed process specification, we’ll commit to a fixed price project, completing your realistic BPM Proof of Concept in less than three weeks. Collaborating with your business analyst, technical team and using our QuickStart methodology, we’ll deliver your first business process in 7 weeks.
  • Reuse – don’t reinvent
    Deploying Bizagi for a burning process at lightning speed improves control and visibility enabling fast and flexible process automation and powerful analytics. Thanks to Bizagi BPMS’ unique data layer designed for re-use and integration, subsequent processes get easier to model and automate.
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