BPM Certification

Stand out from the crowd with our online BPM certification program.

Available in two packages to suit your skills, our practical exams are a great way to consolidate all the knowledge and expertise you’ve learned from implementing Bizagi BPMS.

Prove your BPM credentials, increase your market value and take the next step towards
the career you’ve been dreaming of.
Why should I get Bizagi BPM certified?
Validate your expertise in Bizagi BPMS

Gain recognition and visibility for process automation competency

Build credibility with clients and employers

Differentiate yourself and your business
Which BPM certification is right for me?
Certified Bizagi Professional
Evaluate your knowledge of how to automate a Bizagi application. The topics to be evaluated are:
  • Process modeling
  • Data model
  • User Interface design
  • Expression definition
  • Other: Wrok allocation, policies, notifications, etc.
Prerequisites The following self-paced or instructor-led courses: Refer to the Process Automation Professional learning journey
Certified Bizagi Developer
Evaluate your knowledge about integration and Bizagi technical functionalities. The topics to be evaluated are:
  • Integration with external systems
  • Architecture
  • Deployment
  • Data model
  • Complex expressions
  • Technical functionalities: security, application customization, BMC, parameters, etc.
Prerequisites Refer to the BPM Developer learning journey
What’s the certification process?
Each certification consists of two individual exams: an online exam followed by a practical exercise

The online exam consists of multiple-choice questions, takes 2 hours and the minimum score to pass is 70%

If you pass the online exam, you will be assigned a practical exercise, in which you have to demonstrate your expertise using Bizagi. You will have 5 calendar days to return your solution, which will be evaluated by our experts.
Steps to obtain a certification
Choose your certification. These are available in English and Spanish.

Make sure that all requirements are being met. Bizagi will verify them in order to start the certification process.

Follow the link to register and pay. The price for each certification is USD 250.

Upon receipt of payment you will receive instructions on how to prepare your exam and more detailed information.

Got more questions about Bizagi certifications?

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