Lipigas reduces discount approval times
by over 80%with Bizagi BPM software
Ease of use, agility and seamless SAP integration enables LPG provider to boost supplier performance and support continuous improvement
About Lipigas
Lipigas is the leading provider
of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Chile for the residential, industrial and real estate sectors. Prior to implementing Bizagi BPMS, processes were managed through email-based, informal and asynchronous communications. They chose Bizagi's BPM software to enable continuous improvement.
Manual methods and offline workarounds were preventing Lipigas employees providing an outstanding service to their distributors.

Optimizing activities and resources alongside seamless connectivity with its legacy ERP has revolutionized internal procedures. Thanks to Bizagi BPM software, staff are empowered to provide the best service possible and improve relationships within the supply chain.

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