Audi Japan automated 5 core processes, shrinking processing time by 75%
Request for Approval process kick-starts entire BPM
initiative, deliveringpaper-free administration
for 20 departments and 100+ users
About Audi Japan
Audi Japan KK, importer of
Audi vehicles and subsidiary of Audi AG, specializes in the management of internal company cars. After experiencing fast growth, the company undertook a BPM initiative to enable the organization to run more predictably and transparently as well as adapt easily to changing business dynamics.
Managing the demanding, high-value processes of a global corporation needs strong and flexible process automation and workflows. In just 14 days, Bizagi BPMS turned the complex Audi Japan’s Request for Approvals process chain into a streamlined, secure and paperless administration.

Empowered by this quick win, Audi Japan automated a further 4 processes in quick succession, paving the way for improved decision making, reduced costs and better resources management.

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