Anida automated 12 processes in a record time of just 19 weeks, 5 less than expected
Fixed a burning problem at lightning speed, automating the end-to-end management of
real-estate repossessions in under 6 months
About Anida
BBVA, one of Spain's largest banks, created Anida in 2011 to automate the management of real-estate repossessions following the global financial crisis. Since implementing Bizagi, BPMS has become the underlying foundation for the whole process lifecycle.
Managing the real estate inventory worth billions of euros needed strong process automation and workflow. Bizagi created and defined an entirely independent and agile IT infrastructure in record time, enabling BBVA's real estate unit to handle the large amount of property assets received from developers.

In just 19 weeks –5 less than expected- the entire end-to-end process was defined, implemented and ready to go.

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