Process improvement driven by KPIs

Bizagi Engine brings your processes to life - fast
So you've modeled and automated your processes...
now complete your BPM journey with Bizagi Engine.
Bizagi Engine executes your processes and delivers them
to the desktops and mobiles of every business user.
Flexible to suit your needs, Engine lets you start small, nimble and tactical, then
extend your BPM capabilities across departments, countries and timezones.
Key benefits of Bizagi Engine
Built for performance Bizagi BPM platform is designed for the most demanding enterprise needs, capable of handling mission-critical, high performance BPM projects spanning thousands of users and millions of cases.
Meet your business objectives Bizagi Engine brings together everything process-related and presents it in one simple portal. Visualize your BPM objectives. Set priorities.
Identify and correct any issues. Manage by exception and
keep on top of what matters.

with any IT assets
Bizagi Engine offers unique support for native JEE or .NET platforms ensuring seamless and effective integration with your existing IT investments.

"Always On" performance Bizagi BPMS' clustering technology means that your business processes will continue to operate normally - no matter what happens.
Achieve continuous improvement Get deep organizational insights with our reports, right out-the-box. See who's doing what, when and where with our intuitive graphical tracking and monitoring tools. Bizagi Engine ensures every step in the process flow takes place exactly as it should.
Anticipate problems and manage risk Historical performance and data trends are there at your fingertips. Quickly identify bottlenecks and resource challenges with Bizagi BPM software before they become an issue.
Manage by exception Bizagi Engine software raises the alarm the moment there are exceptions to the rule. Service Level Agreements or non-compliance issues are efficiently reported to the right people.
We started with the patient registration process followed by the patient admission; in both processes the patient object, forms and business rules have been reused. This resulted in 50% productivity improvement in development time between the first and second process using Bizagi BPM software.

Dr. Adnan Al-Tunisi, CIO, PSMMC
BPM Journey for Success At Bizagi, we don't think you should pay a penny until your BPMS starts paying you back. That's why it's
free to use, free to learn and free to build. Many Bizagi customers started their BPM journey this way.
In fact, they only turned to Bizagi once they were confident, 100% convinced of the benefits and ready to roll out
100s of business processes with Bizagi Engine, the only paid-for solution in the Bizagi portfolio.
It's this low-risk, customer-centric approach that makes Bizagi BPM software the choice of hundreds of enterprises worldwide.
Starting Small? New to BPM or need to justify BPM investment to your business? Then our Starter Plan is perfect for you. Get all the power of an enterprise BPMS for up to 50 users and even better, get 50% discount off the list price for your first BPMS purchase. All you have to do is decide which process will deliver maximum impact and we'll support you here too!
Partnering with you for long-term success Our Starter Plan is ideal for demonstrating fast results. We're confident that Bizagi BPM software will go viral in your business, providing the ROI you need to kick-start your initiative and pave the way for long-term business process improvement.
Supported Platforms:

 Unix, Linux or Windows
 App server: WebLogic, JBoss, WebSphere

 Web server: IIS
Ready for the next step?
* You can run unlimited processes for up to 20 participants in Bizagi Studio test environment
without the need to acquire Engine licenses.
Complete your BPM journey
Help Visit our free, comprehensive User Guide to help you maximize the value of Bizagi Engine.
Video Still wondering how Bizagi can help? Here's the answer - watch the video now.
Engine latest   Multilanguage functionality from the Work Portal   Release/reallocate an activity   Customize the Yellow “task at risk” signal   Improved user experience: new buttons on query forms

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