A complete Business Process Management Solution

Model for understanding. Build for fast results. Run for process improvements.
Gain control and visibility with Bizagi BPM Suite, your alternative for fast, flexible process management.

By bridging the gap between IT and business, Bizagi empowers your people
to get the results they want, when they want them.

Discover a Business Process Collaboration Platform that speaks the way you do: The language of business process

Typically there's process modeling for understanding and process modeling for automation. With Bizagi BPM Suite the two are seamlessly connected. The user friendliness of the process modeling environment and the simplicity of process content mean that business and IT speak the same language.

Eduardo Gonzalez Collaboration & Workflow IT Manager, adidas Group

Bizagi BPM Suite
From design and modeling to automation and deployment, Bizagi BPM Software supports the complete BPM lifecycle to make continuous improvement a reality.
Design process maps
Recognized by our community as the most powerful BPMN modeling environment in the market, Bizagi Modeler lets business experts design, document and evolve their process model with complete confidence. Intuitive drag and drop, code-free updates and automatic document generation tools make this a seamless experience, even without technical knowledge.
Build process apps
Thanks to Bizagi Studio's "modeling over programming" philosophy, business experts have everything they need to transform process models into real, running applications and workflows. From defining your data model and UI to integrating IT assets and everything in between, Bizagi's in-built wizard supports you every step of the way.
Run Bizagi enterprise-wide
Deployed on JEE or .NET to fit whatever architecture you have in place, Bizagi Engine executes and controls the business processes automated by Bizagi Studio. "Update-once and change-everywhere" optimizes the workload up and down your value chain, reducing time and cost. Bizagi's unique multi-language portal makes pending activities easy to visualize, while KPIs provide total control over process performance.
Our customers chose Bizagi to model and automate their business processes.
The Result:
Overall better business agility.
Improved operational efficiencies.
Shorter time to market.
Bizagi BPM Suite: Important 5
1. Analytics Anytime, anywhere, any device: Give your workforce the power to learn from yesterday and take action for tomorrow. The Bizagi BPMS process analytics & reporting platform puts real-time (BAM) and historical information at your fingertips, enabling you to visualize how any process or task is performing and make agile adjustments to achieve continuous improvement.
2. Platform Discover a BPM platform that speaks your language. Simple, scalable, reliable, and secure: Bizagi BPMS lets you create and evolve without limits. Bizagi BPM platform is extensible, allowing you to adapt to new devices and technologies while the Xchange marketplace offers ready-made process models, process apps and widgets to achieve results fast.
3. Integration To support continuous improvement, a BPM Suite can't operate in isolation. From your legacy systems to modern apps, there are more IT systems to connect with than ever before. Bizagi BPMS is designed to connect with and incrementally extend your existing investments.
4. Mobility Smart devices represent the major force impacting BPM market and they require real-time integration with legacy systems and back-end processes. Thanks to our innovative premise "design once, run anywhere", we deliver processes fast, running optimally on every modern device. The result: the ability to view your processes anywhere, anytime and the freedom to customize.
5. Standards Bizagi customers get the freedom and independence to choose how their process needs are delivered. We know you don't want to be tied to one vendor, so we make it easy to integrate with whatever applications and processes you support. By actively participating in OMG committees, we drive BPM standards forward, whether modeling, integration or technology.

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